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Every successful brand begins with a visionary idea, a concept that resonates with the founder's belief in providing a unique solution that benefits people in unprecedented ways. Our journey at Top Rated IT Company in Chandigarh that would stand out by offering impactful, innovative solutions. He dedicated his life to this vision, gaining invaluable experience and skills over seven years that shaped him into the proud owner of a game-changing marketing agency. Working across various industries and immersing himself in marketing, operations, and branding, he developed extensive expertise. This marked the inception of a movement to revolutionise the digital marketing landscape, leading to the establishment of Braand. Focus in 2023. Since then, we've been on a mission to provide unparalleled marketing solutions, setting ourselves apart from the competition.

Behind The Story

Atinderpal Singh

“I know that the journey to success requires a commitment to research, a hunger for learning, and a steadfast discipline to turn knowledge into action."

Founder & CEO

Atinderpal Singh's passion for creativity and innovation drives him to pursue the extraordinary. As a distinguished media professional, he has achieved milestones in diverse industries. His expertise in video production has led to successful projects in corporate films, fashion films, and the education sector

Recognized for his excellence, he has collaborated with prestigious NAAC-recognized universities and major events with celebrities. He holds a Master's in Journalism and Mass Communication from Chandigarh University and a B.Sc. in Animation, Multimedia, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics, and Special Effects.

His specialisation in digital marketing and web design, combined with his ability to tell compelling stories, makes him an expert in brand recognition.

CEO - BraandFocus

Shakeb Zuber

“The world will be meaningless if the countless stories that it possesses are not discovered and communicated with the magic of perception ”

Chief operating officer (COO)

A development journalist, a community manager, a film director, a video producer and a cinematographer, Shakeb’s vast expertise is attributed to his various roles in different industries. Above all, he describes himself as a storyteller, and has effectively conveyed the undiscovered aspects of society through his documentaries, theatre projects and speeches.

He has also led successful fundraising campaigns by devising compelling marketing strategies. Shakeb's expertise lies in public relations, communication, team leadership, and community management. He completed his postgraduate diploma in Journalism from IIJNM, and a bachelor's degree in social science from TISS.

Time and again his leadership has proved to be a boon for every company he has worked with. Being a creative person at the core and a seeker of knowledge, Shakeb continues to bring out the best in everything through his unrivalled unique perspectives.

Our Vision

At Braand Focus, we believe that every brand is a solution provider. We help brands become changemakers by facilitating efficient communication.

Our Mission

As a trusted strategic partner, we continually strive to shape the future of brands. We aim to provide comprehensive marketing solutions, build stronger brands, and foster long-term relationships.

our philosophy

Our ideology is to lead change and become the most visible, reliable marketing agency that provides comprehensive marketing solutions. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for exceptional branding.

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