If everything in the world is a brand, why not Peace?

A workshop and social campaign to raise awareness about branding and its influence on socially benefitting concepts

Braand Focus X 8th Global Leadership Conference (Amity University, Noida)

Braand Focus provided numerous business enthusiasts a workshop on branding and marketing through its one of a kind campaign called "Branding for Peace". These sessions gave students a new perspective on how branding techniques can be used for socially benefiting concepts like Peace.


Awareness of the power of branding

Everything in today's world is a brand, except for the things that can actually make a difference. Hence, Braand Focus has launched an initiative of 'Branding for Peace' that aims to establish Peace as a brand and promote it with the same commitment that brands are promoted with.

Bringing a product/topic to limelight through branding strategies changes its destiny and makes people choose it over other competitors.

Branding is the act of giving meaning to an organisation, product or service and creating an irresistible image in the customer's mind. But the truth is that instead of focusing on commercial products or services, branding is much more needed for the essence that drives this world, i.e Peace.


To Enhance The Brand Value & Create Deep Understanding Among Target Customers

Four standing individuals smiling and holding up a peace sign with their fingers, symbolizing unity and harmony.
Amity Business School banner: showcasing the institution's name in bold letters.

Mission & Result

Our aim was to showcase how Braand Focus can turn Branding's power into purpose. We successfully established and signified the essence of branding, which is giving a unique narrative to something and using it to build a connection with the audience.

By inviting students to become 'Brand Ambassadors of Peace', we took this campaign to a greater level. Discussions were held with around 4,500 inquisitive students who found this campaign a game-changer in the world of branding. They pledged to take this campaign forward and wrote meaningful messages, clicked pictures with placards to convey their stand, and associated with us.