Complete production management for Chronicle films

Managed the pre-production and post-production for Chronicle films, a documentary-based venture dedicated to bringing out the unheard stories of society. Also helped in increasing the Youtube channel’s reach dedicated efforts and quality production of their videos

Building credibility and exposure

Within a short range of time, we helped Chronicle Films to reach new heights and grow their venture along with building brand presence and engagement.

We delivered innovative, unique and quality video content for documentaries. Also handled pre production and post production of videos, which constituted strategies, script writing and video editing.

Increased reach, subscribers and traffic on youtube channels through targeted marketing strategies.


Some of the most viewed documentaries

Indian Women Talk About Growing Rape Incidents and How Sexual Harassment Affects Their Life: In this video, Indian girls talk about the factors responsible for the growth of rape culture in India and how crimes against women and the orthodox minded society affect their life, relationships, and career.

'Right to education': Showcasing the reality of government or government-funded schools, this documentary grabbed attention with its eye-opening truth about the education system in India.

'2020 the worst year of the century': With over 12K views, this documentary keeps you hooked from the start to finish as it unfolds the worst events that happened in 2020.


In a span of three months, we helped 'Chronicle Films' deliver exceptional content through our expertise in video production. Not only this, but we enabled its Youtube channel's growth by gaining 448 followers in a short span of three months.

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