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Unforgettable Experiences with Braand Focus

At Braand Focus, we believe in crafting unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact on both our clients and their guests. We understand the power of events in bringing people together, sparking emotions, and creating lasting memories. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a social gathering, a product launch, or a customized event, we are committed to turning your vision into reality and ensuring every detail is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

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Our corporate event management services include:

Corporate Event Management

Corporate events require meticulous planning and precise execution. We understand the importance of professionalism and the impact a well-organized event can have on your business. 

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Our corporate event management services include:

Professional photography and videography to capture and document every moment.

Multimedia Coverage:

A Customized invitation cards that reflect the essence of your event and your brand.

Invitation Cards:

Arranging high-quality catering that suits the event’s tone and attendee preferences.

Catering Services:

Full conference management, including venue booking, and audio-visual setups.

Conference Hosting:

Efficient management of business meetings, ensuring smooth proceedings.

Meeting Handling:

Creating an ambiance that aligns with the theme of your event.

Stage and Lighting Design:

Providing state-of-the-art AV equipment for presentations and speeches.

Audio-Visual Equipment:

We create visually appealing posters to promote your event effectively.

Poster Design and Distribution:

Elegant and professional inauguration ceremonies to set the right tone.

Inauguration Ceremony:

Managing the transportation and logistical aspects to ensure punctuality.

Transport and Logistics:

From conferences and seminars to product launches and team-building activities, we manage every aspect of your corporate event with precision and expertise.

Social Event Management

Social events are about bringing people together for a cause or celebration. We handle all types of social events, highlighting important issues and ensuring memorable gatherings. 

A diverse group of individuals standing in front of a majestic building.

Our social event management services include:

Managing the schedule to ensure that your event flows smoothly without any trouble.

Timing Coordination:

 Choosing the perfect venue that matches the event’s theme and requirements.

Event Venue Selection:

 Ensuring that all guests are well taken care of, from RSVPs to on-site assistance.

Guest Management:

Creating attractive standees and signage to guide and inform attendees.

Standees and Signage:

Creating unforgettable celebrations that leave guests with lasting memories.

Memorable Celebrations:

Whether you’re planning a workshop or any other social gathering, we’ll transform your vision into an unforgettable celebration, leaving your guests with great memories.

Product Launches and Conferences Events

Launching a new product or hosting a conference requires detailed planning and creative execution to make a lasting impression. Our services are designed to make your product launches and conferences impactful and memorable:

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Our product launches and conferences event management service include:

Providing detailed information about your product in an engaging manner.

Product Detailing:

Conducting a grand opening that sets the stage for successfull event.

Inauguration Ceremony:

Creating eye-catching posters that capture the essence of your product.

Creating Poster Design:

 Providing informative sessions that educate your audience about your product.

Tips and Tricks for Product Use:

Designing events that leave a strong, positive impact on your audience.

Long-Lasting Impressions:

Make your product launches and conferences impactful and memorable with our expert management.

Customized Event Planning

Every event is unique, and we offer tailored event planning services to match your specific needs and requirements.

A diverse group of individuals standing in front of a majestic building.

Our customized services include:

Comprehensive planning and executing short, impactful events.

Short Events:

Planning and execution for events that span multiple days or weeks.

Long Events:

Managing every aspect of the event, from start to finish.

Full Control:

Organizing cultural events that celebrate diversity and heritage.

Cultural Events:

Coordinating all logistical aspects to ensure a smooth experience.


Creating custom creative posters and banners to promote and enhance your event.

Poster and Banner Design:

Providing comprehensive multimedia coverage, including photo and video services.

Multimedia Coverage:

Organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences that focus on educational growth.

Educational Events:

We tailor event planning to match your unique vision and requirements, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

Events Managed by Braand Focus

University Events

We have had the privilege of managing numerous significant events at prestigious universities such as Chitkara University , Guru Kashi University and other national-level competitions. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of event management, including guest management, photoshoots, video editing, and more. Some notable events we have managed at universities include:

ICTIEE (International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education):

A prestigious international conference focusing on innovations in engineering education. Organized a significant seminar for B.Tech engineering students, featuring presentations and discussions led by authorities in education and technology.

Vibe Chandigarh (VIBER8 Music Festival):

An exciting music festival in Chandigarh, offering a vibrant platform for artists and music enthusiasts.

Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association 2017:

Managed an international event that brought together pharmacists from around the world to discuss global health and pharmaceutical advancements.

Convocation Ceremonies:

Successfully organized graduation ceremonies that created memorable experiences for graduates and their families.

Smart India Hackathon 2019:

An innovative hackathon bringing together bright minds to solve real-world problems in India.

All India Chief Conclave:

A gathering of influential leaders from various industries to discuss key issues and trends.

India Drone Run Fest:

A unique event celebrating drone technology and innovation in India.

Mobile Film Festival:

A creative platform showcasing short films made on mobile devices.

Indian School Awards:

Planned and executed annual events that showcased student talents, prize distributions, and achievements.

HR Conclaves:

Conferences focusing on human resources practices and trends.

Press Conferences:

Coordinated various press conferences, ensuring smooth interactions between the university and the media.

Mission Buniyaad

An Education Awareness Program Event

Recently, we managed a significant 30-day event titled “Mission Buniyaad,” an education awareness program initiated by the Haryana government for schools. This long-running event spanned different cities across Haryana, focusing on raising awareness about educational initiatives. Our team handled all duties with excellence, capturing students’ emotions, feedback, and stories. We provided comprehensive services, including:

Venue Setup: Ensuring each location was prepared to host the event.

Event Management: Overseeing the entire event across various locations.

Logistical Coordination: Managing transportation and accommodation for staff and attendees.

Guest Management: Ensuring that all guests, including students, educators, and officials, were well taken care of.

Photoshoots: Capturing the essence of the event through professional photography.

Multimedia Production: Capturing high-quality photos and videos to document the event.

Photo and Video Editing: Providing high-quality photo and video editing services to document the event.

Content Creation: Developing engaging content that highlighted the program’s goals and achievements.

Emotional Storytelling: Sharing students’ stories and feedback to create a powerful narrative.

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