Complete Brand management for Universities/Colleges

With over 6 years of experience our team specializes in every aspect of university brand management. We provided customized branding solutions to universities, such as Chitkara, Guru Kashi, and PIET etc. to help them build a strong brand identity and attract more students, faculty, and funding. We also specializes in event management for colleges, helping universities to promote their brand through engaging events and activities.

Building credibility and exposure.

  • Helped the university grow its brand and reach a wider audience through our efforts.
  • Delivered high-quality video content for documentaries and handled pre-production and post-production tasks
  • Recorded and published videos to promote the university’s work and infrastructure.
  • Developed branding strategies aligned with messaging through SEO, Ads, and digital marketing
  • Increased reach, subscribers, and traffic on YouTube channels through targeted marketing strategies.
  • Organized campaigns in various different states to get the  target audience.


Chitkara University

  • We created stunning visuals for university events across different fields.
  • We covered high-profile events and collaborated with celebrities at Chitkara University.
  • Our expertise in photography and videography helps us capture the essence of every moment like we did in algorithm, global week etc.
  • We can conduct market research to identify your university’s unique value proposition and help you differentiate from competitors.

Guru Kashi University

  • Our team created engaging and relevant content for the university.
  • We showcased the experiences of students from different states to the targeted audience in different regions.
  • We have a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in content creation.
  • We developed compelling and engaging content that resonates with audiences.
  • We promoted their Various diversified departments like pharmacy, agriculture,engineering, hotel management etc in a creative way.
By analysing how customers are engaging with your online presence, we curate custom strategies that fit your business needs with effective execution. The result? You get more leads, more sales, happier customers, and a stronger bottom line!


Our company improved skills and confidence, conducted cultural activities, and promoted university startups. We also boosted the university's ranking and marketing strategies, created engaging content, and recorded videos to promote the university's work. We showcased student experiences in regional ads, creating a positive image.

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